“The End proposed in the Incarnation and Sufferings of the Redeemer, was the Welfare and Happiness of offending Creatures; and the Gospel which brings us this welcome Report, is highly deferring of the most grateful Reception: It is a faithful saying, and worthy of all Acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the World to save Sinners (1 Timothy 1:15.). The Design of our LORD’S Appearance was this, That his People might have Life, and that they might have it more abundantly (John 10:10.), i.e. That they might be the happy Subjects of a divine Life now, and possess eternal Life hereafter. It therefore was not a bare Possibility of Salvation, or a conditional Grant and Promise of Life, that CHRIST came to obtain; but the End of his Coming, was to effect Eternal Redemption; and this he actually and really obtained before his Ascension to Glory (Hebrews 9:12.). I apprehend that it will contribute much Light and Evidence in this Matter, to consider well the Covenant of Grace.

CHRIST the Mediator of this Covenant was a Head, either to all Men, or to some only, that is, an influential Head, from whom Grace, Holiness, and Life, are derived; for here I do not speak of him as a Head of mere Dominion and Rule, such he is to Angels, to the apostate Spirits, and to Men universally, but as a Head of Life, and Influence, which he only is to his Body, the Church, who are the Elect of GOD alone.

These Persons only can be interested in the Covenant of Grace; the Reason of which is, CHRIST in that Covenant is constituted a Head to all those who are included in it, in order to communicate to them, the Blessings therein promised; and therefore, none but such to whom he is a Head of Life, and Influence, are within the Compass of that Covenant.

It is clearly deducible from the Promises of the new Covenant, that GOD and CHRIST, really and fully intended the Salvation of all the Persons to whom those Promises are made. For this Covenant comprises all spiritual and eternal Blessings; or they are all granted and promised therein. Hence David speaks of this Covenant as including the Whole of his Salvation, This is all my Salvation, and all my Desire (2 Samuel 23:5.). Herein the Affair of the Sufferings and Death of CHRIST, was settled as a Condition required of him, and agreed to by him, in order to viewing his Seed, enjoy the great and glorious Benefits therein given to them.” ~ John Brine


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