Christ Altogether Lovely

“The voice of the law is harsh and unpleasant; it pronounces guilty, curses and condemns; it is a voice of wrath and terror; it is a soul-cutting and soul-killing one; it is a voice of words, and of words that are not grateful; and therefore those who had once heard it, entreated that it might not be spoken to them any more: but the voice of Christ in the gospel is exceeding sweet, delightful and alluring; and no wonder it is so, for it is a voice of love, grace and mercy; it speaks peace and pardon, and brings the agreeable news of life and salvation by Christ to lost sinners; it is also the voice of the church’s beloved, of him whom she loves with all her heart and soul, and therefore must needs be sweet unto her; it is what she is well acquainted with, perfectly knows, and can distinguish from a stranger’s; nor is she ever more delighted than when under the sound of it; hence, in chapter 8:13, she says, as it is commonly understood, “O thou that dwellest in the gardens? where the companions hearken to thy voice,” and are charmed and ravished with those warbling notes of thine, cause me also to hear it; for no concert of music whatever is equal to it.” – John Gill



  1. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · June 24, 2012

    I think you like John Gill! 😉

    • jm · June 24, 2012

      A little theological crush…I’ll admit to that. Gill for his theology and Philpot for his experimental sermons. I spend a lot of time reading and trying to digest Gill’s works and I hope to encourage others to read him.

      • irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · June 24, 2012

        I have Gill’s Archive on my own blog roll. Always a worthy read, for classic English Calvinism!

    • jm · June 24, 2012

      He was much loved by the Anglican Augustus Toplady.

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