Gill’s comments on Romans 7:18, 19

Tonight I sat with a friend to enjoy some tobacco, brandy and good theology. We were discussing sanctification and found John Gill’s comments on Romans 7:18, 19 helpful on the subject…doesn’t everyone have a copy of The Cause of God and Truth laying around to reference? lol

“But though they are freed, from condemnation by sin which is what is meant in the place referred to, as appears front the context, and from the dominion of sin, yet not from the being of it, nor altogether from the power of it; for it sometimes brings into captivity, though even then it has not the dominion; a man may be taken prisoner, and carried captive, and yet remain a subject of his lawful prince; so the saints may be brought into captivity to the law of sin, and yet not be under the dominion of it, but continue under the reign of grace, and in the kingdom of God’s dear Son.”


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