Preferring the World

“This is the height of covetousness, and the height of this adultery; what, to make the members of Christ the members of an harlot? Why, worldlings! those admiring thoughts are Christ’s, those pains are Christ’s, that love is Christ’s, that time, that care, that earnestness is Christ’s; they are all Christ’s, and will you give that which is Christ’s unto the world? And prefer the world before Christ with his own? What, live as professed prostitutes that prefer every one before their husbands? How will this expose you to the scorn of men and angels? At the last day they will come pointing and say, This is the man that made not God his strength, but trusted in the abundance of his riches; this is the Gadareen that loved his swine more than Christ Jesus, (Ps. 57:2). “Love not the world,” (saith John,) (1 John 2:15). Christ is never precious in man’s apprehension, so long as the world seems glorious to him. As we begin to relish sweetness in Christ, so the world begins to be bitter to us. The more sweetness we taste in the, one, the more bitter­ness we taste in the other.” – Isaac Ambrose


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