the devil is a restless enemy

From James Durham’s 64th sermon on Isaiah 53:

It is a most comfortable doctrine, in reference to all ups and downs of the time, and to all the straits that his Church and people can be put to; it cannot be ill with Christ, and it shall not be ill with them. He may have contests, but he shall get, yea, he has gotten the victory; he once died, to die no more. All that he has now to do, is to make application of his purchased redemption, and to divide the spoil; to notice (which he does most narrowly), what of his purchase is yet in the devil’s possession, and to rescue and set it free. He has gotten the possession of the kingdom, and it must, and it shall go well, let the world rage, and let the sea roar, and the floods lift up their voice, and the mountains be cast in the sea. Whatever confusions and overturnings come, or whatever troubles be, our Lord Jesus has gotten the victory, and is dividing the spoil. He will take no other division, than what Jehovah has made and carved out to him. It will not be what devils or men, what great men, kings, princes, parliaments, potentates, armies, etc., are pleased to give, or allow to him; but he must needs have the portion promised him with the great, and the spoil with the strong. He shall certainly get that, and none shall be able to bereave him, or take a bit of it from him. Yea, none shall possess a foot-broad of ground bestowed on him and his followers. He shall have a Church and ordinances dispensed therein, where he intends it, and souls shall be gathered to him from all quarters, as they were given to him. And maugre all the malice and proud opposition of devils and men, all that the Father has given to him shall come to him, without all peradventure, or possibility of misgiving; they shall not, by all their opposition and persecution, be able to keep any one of the gifted ones from coming to him, in the season agreed on between Jehovah and him.

And secondly, it is comfortable to God’s people, as to their own particular case; corruption is a strong and formidable enemy; the devil is a restless enemy, and goes round about, like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour; the world is a deceitful, ensnaring enemy, and does often, in a manner, even overwhelm them. But our Lord Jesus has the victory, and parting of the stakes (to say so), or the dividing of the spoil; these that remain at home, the most feckless boy or girl, lad or lass, shall divide the spoil. This is it that Job comforts himself with (Job 19:25-27). I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth, to wit, as sole and absolute conqueror, the victory being entirely on his side; with these eyes shall I see him, and no other for me, though worms destroy this body. Believers, O Believers! There is a good day coming. He has gotten the victory, and so shall you; the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly (Romans 16:20). And whatever wrongs you suffer, and whatever straits you be under now while the wicked are in prosperity, there will be a new decision, yea, a new division ere long. All shall be snatched from wicked men, but your cup shall run over. There shall be no more fighting, no more parties to give you battle, or to oppose you, when he shall have beaten all enemies off the field. It will be a poor and sorry portion that many will get in that day, who did not lippen and trust to Christ’s spoil, when you believers shall be sharers with him in it.


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  1. Cliff Parsons · May 7, 2012

    What an encouragement! Thank you for posting it.

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