God’s Love

Quote, “Love many times in the Bible is used interchangeably with forbearance and mercy. God forbears with His enemies and is merciful towards them in lieu of them repenting. But this is not to be mistaken as God being genuinely disposed towards his enemy in a manner as He is disposed towards His Son Jesus and His children.

When we are commanded to love our enemy it must be taken within the context of the Old Testament Law as found in Leviticus and Deuteronomy. In the law, God says, “If you see your enemy’s ox going astray, return it to him, or if you see your enemy’s ox struggling under his burden you shall help him”. The Bible does not contradict itself. David manifest how this ought to be fulfilled by only cutting off a piece of Saul’s cloak and not killing him.

Loving our enemy simply means being lawful towards them, nothing else. And being lawful at times means taking them to court if they act unlawfully towards you. What it does prohibit is taking up the sword to implement justice upon them. God specifically gave the civil magistrate the monopoly of the sword.” ~ Keon Garraway posted on the Puritan Board


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