Bunyan, a KJVOist?

Doubt it. But he did write the follow:

As Mr. Bunyan was upon the road near
Cambridge, there overtakes him a scholar that
had observed him a preacher, and said to him,

How dare you preach, seeing you have not the
original, being not a scholar?

Then said Mr. Bunyan, Have you the
Yes, said the scholar.

Nay, but, said Mr. Bunyan, have you the
very self-same original copies that were written
by the penmen of the scriptures, prophets and
No, said the scholar, but we have the true
copies of those originals.

How do you know that? said Mr. Bunyan.

How? said the scholar. Why, we believe
what we have is a true copy of the original.

Then, said Mr. Bunyan, so do I believe our
English Bible is a true copy of the original.

Then away rode the scholar.

From Bunyan’s Works Volume III
57 The Struggler


One comment

  1. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · March 31, 2012

    I love it! Good old Bunyan!

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