Just plugging for Local Church Bible Publishers.

I’ve yet to pull the trigger and order one but have heard nothing but good things about them. They are a Dispensational KJVO outfit but the Bibles, the plain reading Bibles, are still worth having a look at. If you are not interested in owning a copy of the Authorized Version the video is still interesting to watch. You can see how much work goes into a good quality Bible.


7 thoughts on “LCBP Plug

  1. I wish you would buy one of these things already, so you can post a thorough review. I think I’d rather have one of those TBS Windsors with the Metrical Psalms, though these do look nice.

    1. lol, I know, I know. I own over 30 Bibles, most leather covered, I struggle with the idea of purchasing another expensive Bible when I can only use one at a time. I really do not like study Bibles considering the affect Scofields notes had on me when I was a new believer so I use plain text or simple reference Bibles. I only have a few of them…see, I’m trying to justify buying another! Oh wretch man that I am!

  2. If you buy another, you will be supporting a worthy ministry and your review may encourage others to support the ministry as well.

    …I’m an enabler!

    I’m surprised you would buy a Bible from a pro-Scofield group.

    1. Flavio, they offer the old Scofield, a wide margin reference and a reading Bible. Only the first has any notes or commentary.

  3. K then. It looks like a fine Bible. Do you know who put the references together ? Got the TBS quarterly report the other day and saw a little more info on the Westminster Bible with Brown’s references. Strongly considering it for the $80.

    1. Go for it brother. Take a few pics and I’ll post your review on this blog. I have to admit I thought you were asking about the Bible produced by Local Church. I don’t know if Brown wrote an intro to each book for his reference Bible or not, but that wouldn’t deter me from buying…just saying.

      Right now I’m looking at a new safety razor so I’m limited in what I can send, I hope this economy picks up soon.

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