False Prophets

“The true prophet accords God His rightful place.  He is owned as the King of kings and Lord of lords, as the One who ‘worketh all things after the pinkcounsel of His own will.’ He is acknowledged to be the sovereign Ruler of heaven and earth, at whose disposal are all creatures and all events, for whose pleasure they are created (Rev. iv, 11), whose will is invincible and whose power is irresistible.  He is declared to be God in fact as well as in name: One whose claims upon us are paramount and incontestable, One who is to be held in the utmost reverence and awe, One who is to be feared and rejoiced in with trembling (Psalm ii, 11).  Such a God the false prophets neither believe in nor preach.  On the contrary, they prate about a God who wants to do this and who would like to do that, but cannot because His creatures will not permit it. Having endowed man with a free will, he must neither be compelled nor coerced, and while Deity is filled with amiable intentions He is unable to carry them out.  Man is the architect of his fortunes and the decider of his own destiny, and God a mere spectator”.  A. W. Pink

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