The Sin of Gluttony

Richard Baxter’s pastoral council is always worth consulting. I’ve have returned to it often since buying it some time ago and will continue to read it for years to come. A few notes about the sin of gluttony.

What gluttony is:

“Gluttony is a voluntary excess in eating, for the pleasing of the appetite, or some other carnal end.”

Baxter lists 10 causes or reasons for gluttony and the increase of want:

1/ a mind set on the flesh,

2/ lack of reason, faith and spiritual appetite and mind,

3/ gluttony increases because it is use to being sated,

4/ being board and lack of attention to duty,

5/ pride and covetousness,

6/ the custom of overeating with friends and companions,

7/ lack of understanding as to why you have abundance,

8/ unfamiliarity with the benefits of abstinence,

9/ lack of knowledge of health, and

10/ gluttony itself has because a common custom (I guess Baxter was dealing with the “biggie” sized fries of his day)



Author: jm

3 thoughts on “The Sin of Gluttony”

  1. It is very difficult in this day and age to not eat in such a way that pleases the appetite. I’m not sure how it is where you live, JM, but fastfood here in the US is so available, delicious, and cheap.

    I think gluttony took on a different meaning in a day where high calorie food was less available and it took considerable effort to have such sumptuous fare on a regular basis.

    You do wonder how so many ‘old fashioned’ revivalist preachers and evangelists can be so large and not feel a bit ashamed to thunder from the pulpit about others sins while they display their own. I think for many in the fundy/pentacostal camps, everything pleasurable in life is ‘off limits’ so they go overboard on the one pleasure in life they are allowed.

    1. Good points Andrew. I wondered how Spurgeon felt about overindulging. He was fat and smoked cigars all the time. He suffered from gout as well… I recall seeing a few pictures of him with his cane and thought he looked really uncomfortably fat.

  2. Thank you for this article.

    People use CSpurgeon as a “canonical defense” for “fat pastors” in much the same way Warfield/Machen are used for a most ungodly reading of against 6-day Creation.

    How foolish we are. Thank you for these words from Baxter! How incisive

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