The quagmire of Arminianism

From Job Hupton;

…when men who are distinguished by the Calvinistic character ascend the pulpit, and assert that God in the riches of his unbounded grace, freely and immutably chose a people for himself in eternity, and appointed them to a certain salvation by Jesus Christ; that he absolutely determined the number of his chosen, and specified the persons who compose that number, so that neither addition nor diminution, nor a change of persons can by any means take place; that all the immense treasures of his transcendent love, grace, and mercy, together with all spiritual blessings and privileges, were entailed upon them, exclusively, in Christ, by a sovereign act of his will; that he passed by the rest in righteous sovereignty, and never designed any spiritual favour for them, but left them to perish in their sins ; and that in consequence of the fall, every man’s will is entirely depraved, enslaved by Satan, and averse to all that is good ; and then in a moment drop from this eminence into the quagmire of Arminianism, and begin to advance their offers and overtures; who can help exclaiming with amaze, “how is the fine gold become dim, and the wine turned into water!”

How is the melodious note of the mounting lark, changed for the doleful din of the bird of night ! These men are not only beside the scriptures, but also beside themselves, and hostile to their own characters as Calvinists.


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