Canadian Whisky, eh?

Like all good Calvinists [and all bad Baptists] I enjoy partaking in distilled spirits from time to time. My mainstay is Jim Beam for everyday swill, scotch when it’s bitterly cold out, brandy for a change of pace and ale during the warmer months. Like most folks I have had the mass produced supermarket whiskies, rums and beers. Like most folks my experience with Canadian whisky or what is sometimes called “rye” has been mostly bad. They tend to lack everything from flavour to finish and therefore make a perfect whisky for mixing. I like my whisky with a few drops of water and have found, very generally, they are too sweet and for a lack of a better word…rusty? [maybe I just don’t like the rye flavour?]

Canadian whisky seems to be a reflection of the culture with a quiet and inoffensive flavour.

With all the above stated I have decided to give Canadian whisky another try. After searching around the net for reviews I have found two standouts; Forty Creek and Alberta Premium. Tonight I bought a bottle of Forty to give it a try and have found it to be very pleasant. It lacks the boldness of the American and Scottish whiskies but is a good sipping whisky nonetheless. From the website we learn that corn, barley and the rye are used in the fermentation process with rye giving Forty its distinct Canadian flavour. I will not pretend to be a whisky expert, just a whisk[e]y drinker, but this is a really good whisky. It’s not good enough to replace Jim Beam or Teachers Highland cream but it is a good Canadian whisky and I recommend giving it a try.



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