Comments on Henry’s Commentary

Spurgeon says, “If a man can purchase but very few books, my first advice to him would be, let him purchase the very best….. Matthew Henry’s Commentary having been mentioned, I venture to say that no better investment can be made,….. Get it, if you sell your coat to buy it.”

Again Spurgeon, “Read Matthew Henry right through, if you can, before you are married; for, after that event, I fear that Jacob may supplant him.”

Philip Doddridge, Lectures on Preaching, in Works, Vol. 5, p. 474: Henry is perhaps the only commentator so large that deserves to be entirely and attentively read through. — The remarkable passages, I think, should be marked.

David Bogue and James Bennett, History of the Dissenters, Vol. 3, pp. 17-18 [George Whitefield] is said to have studied this book [Matthew Henry’s commentary] literally on his knees, to have read it through four times, and to the end of his life, to have spoken of the author with the most profound veneration, ever calling him the great Mr. Henry.


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