Which Tradition?

For the readers who would like more info on Roman Catholicism from a different perspective.

When I first became a believer I was attending an Anglican parish studying to be a layreader in that church.  During the course of my study I had some trouble sorting out the differences between the so called Traditions and Anglicanism.  This set me gazing across the Tiber for a short time.  The Marian dogmas ultimately pushed me back to shore and I was off again in search of “Holy Tradition.”  This lead me to a Greek Orthodox parish that I visited off and on for a few years, continuing to study the Traditions with the assistance of some good Eastern Orthodox friends.

Those who speak of a holy tradition speak as if it is a living thing, and it was recently pointed out, something that can change.  Anyone who tells you they have a living tradition doesn’t really have a tradition at all.  If we sat down to play a game of Cribbage and the rules of the game are living rules, meaning that under certain circumstances 15 now equals 10 instead of 2, you would find it unsettling.  There would be no restraint on the changing of the rules just as there is no restraint on tradition.  What we have in place of scripture is a Pope and/or majority vote.  I do not agree with Eastern Orthodoxy and find it to be as false as Roman Catholicism but it’s critiques of Romanism are useful to see how traditions become muddled and confused.

The Papacy: Its Historic Origins

Which Tradition? Orthodoxy or Roman?

Tradition Wars (not EO but worth a look)



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