John Leadley Dagg

I received in the mail today two of Dagg’s works, a Manual of Church Order and his Manual of Theology. Over the past five or so years I enjoyed reading sections of his work online so I was very happy to see it offered for a very reasonable price at Reformation Heritage Books

Dagg was hard of hearing, physcially disabled and near blindness when he completed the bulk of his preaching, teaching and writting. He was a Strict Baptist with a moderate form of Augustinian Calvinism which placed a heavy emphasis on experientialism. His theology reads almost like a devotional, with the explanations of a theological concept and the duty of man. His work on Church Order is considered to be within the stream of Reformed thought.

I also received A. W. Pink’s worked titled “The Doctrine of Sanctificaiton.”



  1. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · July 17, 2010


    I too have Pink’s work; “The Doctrine of Sanctification”. It is perhaps some of Pink’s best thoughts.

  2. jm · July 17, 2010

    I thought you might brother, he leans heavy on the early Brethren writers for his doctrine.

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