How To Approach The Book Of Revelation

The following sermon series is the best series I have ever listened to.  Pastor Mencarow opens up the book of Revelation using history, the Reformers and Puritans.

I highly recommend this set of sermons.

From the description:

“We must be well-grounded in plain truths and duties, and those must first be well-digested, before we dive into those things that are dark and difficult — many run themselves into confusion by beginning their Bible at the wrong end.” – Matthew Henry

This is an overview of the book of Revelation and a guide to its interpretation. The approach is likely not one you have heard before.

What you think the book of Revelation teaches and when you think it was written determines how you live your life – are we to conquer the world for Christ or tread water until He rescues us on the last day? – and what you think the headlines mean. Do events in the Middle East prove we are on the brink of the end times? Is Antichrist about to be revealed? Is Armageddon around the corner?

This generation of Christians has been taught Futurism; that most of Revelation describes end-time events.

Futurism is a late 16th century Roman Catholic invention that was crafted to defend the Papacy against the claims of the Protestant Reformation. Sadly, most fundamentalists and evangelicals are unknowingly parroting Roman Catholic propaganda.

The historic Protestant view is that Revelation is a panorama of world history from the first century to the end of time. It reveals the rise and fall of nations, of Romanism, Islam, the Protestant Reformation, a future New World Order of one civil government and religion imposed upon the world. But it also reveals the final triumph of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Christianization of all nations BEFORE the end of history.

Please listen to all the sermons in this series to understand the historic Protestant view of the book of Revelation.



  1. Verity · October 11, 2010

    This is also the best sermon series on Revelation that I have ever heard. It completely changed my entire perspective on eschatology and I have also linked to it and FN Lee’s work from my site! I just discovered your blog through SermonAudio and notice that you live in Ontario, Canada, too. Very interesting to know that there is more than one historicist in this province!

    • jm · October 11, 2010

      I thought I was the only one! lol

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  3. Andrew Suttles · March 9, 2011

    Thanks for the tip, JM. I’m listening to it now, also.

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