Rooibos Iced Tisane (a good thirst quencher)

– bring 4 cups of water to a boil
– add 8 bags of rooibos and boil for 5min.
– remove from burner to cool allowing bags to steep for another 10min.
– add maple syrup (butterscottch or sugar)
– you can also add lemon
– pour into a water pitcher with 4 cups of cold water
– place in fridge

** you can leave off the lemon and use orange juice
– fill a glass with ice, pour rooibos from the fridge over the ice leaving some room for a shot of orange juice

7 Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea (aka Red Bush) | Natural Health Remedies
African Rooibos Tea – Health Benefits

2 thoughts on “Rooibos Iced Tisane (a good thirst quencher)

  1. Speaking of Rooibos, I saw on Puritanboard that you were going to purchase an electronic reader. Did you ever get one. I’m in the market for something affordable that can download theological books from Google.

  2. Andrew, I think the best buy would be the iPad. I haven’t bought an e-reader yet but after reading reviews and thinking it over the iPad would probably be the best way to go. If you want a simple reader the Kobo is the cheapest. Blog a review if you buy one, I’d like to read it.

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