Slip Bag

With little free time or free time at odd hours to hit a gym I’ve been looking for equipment to use at home for my workout routines and stumbled across how to make a slip bag.  A slip or maze bag imitates a punch allowing you to “slip” your head out of the way.  It doesn’t replace working with pads or sparring but it can be of some use if you already have experience in martial arts.  I decided to make my own with a few differences.

To make my slip bag I followed the instructions on the video but used polished stones weighting about 2 lbs. from the Dollar Store instead of using gravel.  They were already in a plastic bag so it was easy to drop them into a pair of old socks.  I used plastic security ties to hold the stones in place and hung the bag from a short hemp cord about nose level.   If you fail to slip quick enough you get hit with the stones…nothing motivates like the prospect of pain. 

Get the bag swinging.

When you slip a jab of an orthodox right handed fighter you would slip to the right as seen in the photo.  If your opponent throws a right hand you slip to the left always slipping to the outside.

Once you get the hang of it you can start shadow boxing with it, stepping around and further to the outside.  My slip bag hands close enough to my heavy bag allowing me to slip, a jab for example and throw my own jab to the head and right to the body as I’m moving.  It works well.



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