Out of the many different teas I’ve tried over the last few years this tea is one of my favorites.  Lapsang is a strong and distinctive black tea with great depth of character due the tea leaves being smoked over pine needles giving a distinct pungent flavour.


Notes from my first brewing:

As the tea steeps it gives off an almost smoked salmon scent without the fishiness…

The leaves I bought from Teaopia are full and dark, no stems with little coming through the infuser into the cup.  It’s a dark tea, not as dark as orange pekoe, ditch swill…ahem…  As the tea steeps the smoke tang mellows out to a damp wood or peat aroma that is altogether pleasing.  Steep time for my first cup is three minutes.

After giving it a full two minutes to cool I found the first sip a little watery but the second sip was bigger and smokier.  It’s a much fuller flavour then a typical black tea, much more of a lingering peat then, say, the China Green tips?  Smoke and peat linger after each sip, it coats the tongue in oak, very delicate, very satisfying.

The real kick definitely isn’t found in the initial sip but comes in after you breath in the aroma coming off the tea and after a big drink it feels like your exhaling the smoke of a fine cigar and just as addictive.



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